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Antiracism, Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, and the History/Anthropology of Whiteness and Race: Resources, Research, and Reflections

Unpublished Original Articles and Essays

1 / Afrocentric Notions of Multiculturalism in Education

A sociological review of the history, implications, and countermovements of multiculturalism as an educational paradigm in the United States. Click here to read.

2 / Response to Linda Alcoff's "Is Latino/a a Racial Identity?"

Rebuttals and reflections on the key arguments of a popular paper in the field of identity studies. Click here to read.

3 / The Role of Ritual in Identity Development at an Afrocentric High School

A practitioner-based ethnographic study of racial identity development and explicit culture-affirming rituals in educational spaces. Click here to read.

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