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Music Education

I have played music my whole life, and I taught it for about half as long. Recent examples are below.

Director of Education for Believe In Music, a music technology education nonprofit in Baltimore, 2018-2020

Believe In Music on Instagram_ “We are so excited about our new t shirt design.”.jpg

Freelance tutorial writer for Splice music production blog

High School Music and Spanish Teacher in Philadelphia, 2011-2016

"Music class has been a very adventurous time in our lives. Everyday we come together and learn something new, we always have our minds on working. Music has brought out the best of all of us. We get a chance to be creative, voice how we feel, think of things in a different way, and much more. We take all of those things and put them in the songs/raps we come up with on our own. The purpose of the music classes is to create something positive and influential with our great minds. And by doing so, we were able to compile this CD. " Songs written, performed, and recorded by student musicians of Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School during the 2011-2012 school year.

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